new-jobLILIN have a vacancy for an Internal Technical Sales position to boost our expanding sales team based at Milton Keynes. The successful candidate will be responsible for looking after existing clients, producing detailed quotations, managing orders and prospecting new opportunities within the UK and Europe.

LILIN focus on delivering products from the IP CCTV market as well as various vertical markets. If you are motivated by challenge and change then LILIN could have the opportunity you have been waiting for.



Specifier's guide

Want to know how to specify the perfect IP video surveillance system? LILIN and Invision UK have teamed up to offer you our top tips and guidance on getting it right!

In this guide you will find a diverse range of IP cameras and invaluable information to assist you in building the perfect system. There’s also helpful tips on resolution, field of view, lens choice, low lighting conditions and more.

We have a limited number available, so get in touch today for your copy, call us on 0870 120 5550.

Janus drivers provide full, two-way integration with Crestron for all compatible network cameras, as well as one-way control of DVR/NVRs.  Offering a full complement of pan, tilt and zoom controls, as well as monitoring of MJPEG streams on the Crestron panel, this driver provides all the CCTV control functionality the client will need.  For the security conscious, motion and tamper variables can be programmed to alert the user, initiate recording, and/or trigger any appropriate action within the Crestron system.  The ability to save and recall preset camera positions at high speed, and with accuracy is an added bonus.  The DVR/NVR driver provides a complete set of one-way commands, providing the user with the ability to easily navigate through the on-screen menus and review recorded camera footage.

How does it work?

crestron and janusThe Crestron processor communicates directly with cameras and NVR/DVRs connected to the network.   The following features are supported:

  • Full PTZ control of network cameras.
  • Save and recall preset camera positions.
  • Alarm / motion monitoring.
  • One-way IP control of NVR/DVR.

The driver comes packaged with a demonstration panel design, enabling easy integration and testing with your existing system.

Crestron have now added and certified the drivers on their website.

lilin_cctvMerit LILIN has been in the CCTV business for three decades but it’s only been in the last few years that the company has come on strong in the custom integration business.Initially partnering with Control4 for home automation, LILIN now offers Crestron drivers for its cameras and NVRs, and the rest of the major home control companies will have them soon.One of the most recent drivers is for Lilin’s new 360-degree camera. But don’t call it a driver. The term irks group vice president Jason Hill, who told us at ISE 2015 that integration doesn’t require laborious “drivers” to make the product work with third-party control systems.That’s because all of the data-crunching for the camera—including some pretty complicated algorithms for video analytics and de-warping—occurs in the camera itself, meaning the technology is attached to any LILIN “driver” written for third-party controllers.LILIN has the hooks for companies like Control4 – and most recently Crestron – to latch onto LILIN cameras and their software.

LILIN Loves the Custom Install Channel

Well established in the security industry, LILIN kind of lucked into the integration business, Hill says.

“I guess we’re really good at this but we didn’t really know it.”

While Panasonic used to dominate the CCTV category among home systems integrators, their disappearance opened the doors wide for a good surveillance company that would pay attention to the channel.

“We’re the only manufacturer really putting an effort into this sector,” Hill says. “We love it.”

At ISE 2015, LILIN is showing its new custom-finished camera housing (like camouflage), the new 360-degree product, and a pinhole camera that few others offer.

“There are only three pinhole cameras that use IP,” Hill says. “And no one else has one that supports custom integration.”

The cameras came in two parts: the head and the base, where the video is processed. One wire connects the head and base, which can be powered via PoE or standard electric.


Credits: Julie Jacobson, Co-Founder, EH Publishing / Editor-at-large, CE Pro


Industry: Gaming

Casinos require absolute innovative video surveillance

Casino security surveillance systems require the ability to respond rapidly to incidents at diverse lighting levels. The gaming industry was one of the earliest to adopt video monitoring solutions, and  fully understand the need to guard property, people, and most importantly the integrity of its gaming operations. With several casino surveillance projects in the pipeline, LILIN is in a unique position to drive casino security technology trends.

Gaming facilities and entertainment operations need surveillance tools and software that can meet the most demanding requirements. Gaming video surveillance has to focus on the activities at gaming tables and slot machines in order to prevent cheating, settle disputes and protect the casino from dishonest employees. The gaming floor can be difficult to secure and monitor due to the nature of the environment.

What Casinos Need

Gaming is primarily about surveillance, so the ability to view real-time video and effectively trace a suspect is vital in the gaming world. Also, the surveillance applications for casinos and gaming entertainment environments need to meet local, state, or national gaming regulations.


Video Solutions for Gaming & Casinos


Now that LILIN Ultra series cameras are available, casino operations have the option to adopt 120 fps IP-based cameras, UFG1122, and 4K Ultra High Definition cameras, UHG1182, and analytics software into their surveillance systems. LILIN’s advanced network cameras are able to distinguish the color of chips and record high resolution picture videos. Casinos also need panoramic 360-degree technologies – and the LILIN FD2452 fisheye panoramic cameras can cover more area more efficiently with less staff.

When high rollers have arrived at the casino, License Plate Recognition technology can help to identify and flag, and Point-of-Sale analytics technology can help to monitor employees. With LILIN advanced network cameras to monitor tables, gamblers, and dealers could reinforce casinos’ ability to manage the business.

Unparalleled Clarity and Picture Quality

Wide dynamic provides unparalleled clarity and picture quality, even in variable light conditions. Scalable CMX solutions from LILIN can expand to include hundreds of IP cameras, and LILIN’s HD image quality allows operators to see the greatest level of detail. With advanced features, including real-time face, motion, alarm detection, LILIN systems give you critical, high-definition coverage intelligence. LILIN end-to-end surveillance solutions can provide you the security intelligence you need to protect your house and players.

LILIN is Moving Forward with Advanced Gaming Monitoring Technology

LILIN is constanly developing new products to meet the diverse requirements of the gaming industry. LILIN video management systems built for around-the-clock monitoring. Operators can easily extract minute details from footages because LILIN high definition IP cameras support absolute magnification. Such high degree of resolution is able to capture subtle movements such as hand gestures even under challenging lighting. All gaming activities are monitored at all times by LILIN solutions.


For further information, images or to arrange a demonstration, please visit

Security Excellence AwardsLILIN are pleased to be Training Initiative of the Year finalists at 2014’s Security Excellence Awards.

The nominated course is IP Bootcamp, a free training course designed to help installers specify and set up an IP system. The course addresses topics such as introduction to IP, upgrading from analogue to IP, understanding IP architecture, benefits of PoE and live demonstrations and training.

LILIN’s aim to deliver truly valuable training has received positive feedback, helping to build confidence and improve the ability to win new business.

We look forward to the results of the evening when the Security Excellence Awards will be highlighting the very best people, projects and processes the UK’s security sector has to offer.

SVI Custom Cams pic 10Wave goodbye to the days of spraying cameras for those fussy architects and interior designers. LILIN are pleased to introduce their new Special Order Custom Finish service.

It is now easy to get a security camera that fits right into your client’s design needs. With finishes such as wood, marble and camouflage, as well as plain colour finishes – it’s easy to find something that will match most design requirements.

Custom finishes are available for LILIN’s fixed dome cameras, meaning that there is a selection of products to choose from. Cameras in this range include Vandal Resistant Domes, the LD222, Mini Domes and the 360° Panoramic Camera.

LILIN understand that security cameras are often required to fit into custom install designs, and that customers prefer their cameras to be discreet where possible. With this new service, LILIN will be offering this possibility to the security and custom install market with the hope that LILIN cameras will now suit individual design needs, and become discreet and non-obtrusive.

To find out more about LILIN’s Special Order Custom Finish service, please call us on 0870 120 5550.

A few months in and LILIN’s Product Mornings have so far been a success. We’ve seen numerous bacon rolls being consumed and plentiful visitors finding out more about LILIN, the products we have on offer and how to get the most out of them.

In the coming months we aim to continue answering your questions, and helping you learn about our products in whatever way we can. The approach to the morning is relaxed – just drop-in any time between 9.30 and 11.30am, have a bacon roll and ask us any questions that may be on your mind.

Just as a heads up – the next morning will be taking place on the 30th September. Places are not limited and there’s no need to book. We look forward to seeing you at the end of the month.


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LILIN cameras are helping windsurfers to keep up-to-date with the latest weather and conditions in Vassiliki, Greece. The stunning live feed shows the view of Vassiliki bay from the southern shore, current conditions, waves and surfers. It of course leaves us wishing we were there – but the camera practically delivers that to our screens through top quality streaming, providing users of the specialist surf centre & those online with accurate up-to-the-minute weather reports. Have a look at what’s going on in Vassiliki right now.

This is a LR7022 LILIN Camera being used in combination with the Streamdays video streaming service. Streamdays can support any LILIN IP camera for this purpose, which means that there is the possibility of having multiple pre-set views and auto-touring on PTZ cameras. For more information on how you could be using Streamdays with LILIN IP Cameras, follow this link:

Find out more about our LR7022 here.

For further information on purchasing the LR7022 please call us on 0870 120 5550.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 10.41.14

snapshot mailchimp

With the successful integration of LILIN’s IP Products with Control4®, LILIN now offers even deeper integration, providing unique new features.

LILIN have made surveillance simple – you will no longer need to use complicated camera menus now that everything can be done through Composer. It is now possible to manage alarm alert settings in Composer, meaning you can set different alarms to trigger different cameras.

The highlight is the unique added benefit of having snapshot functionality specifically through Control4®. The camera has the ability to e-mail a snapshot directly to your smartphone or e-mail, providing an image of the chosen area.

Each alarm set is a personalized alert, for example you may set an alarm by your front door to be e-mailed with the subject “Somebody at front door”. This has developed from the earlier basic function of simply receiving an e-mail, into now providing an image – helping to optimize security.

This new unique feature demonstrates how LILIN and Control4® integration provides a convenient and efficient home surveillance solution for the user, one that can also be used on the go.

By offering our products through the Invision UK distribution channel, we now address a broader range of customers, and facilitate more rapid deployment of our solutions.