Introducing the new snapshot functionality through Control4®

Introducing the new snapshot functionality through Control4®

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With the successful integration of LILIN’s IP Products with Control4®, LILIN now offers even deeper integration, providing unique new features.

LILIN have made surveillance simple – you will no longer need to use complicated camera menus now that everything can be done through Composer. It is now possible to manage alarm alert settings in Composer, meaning you can set different alarms to trigger different cameras.

The highlight is the unique added benefit of having snapshot functionality specifically through Control4®. The camera has the ability to e-mail a snapshot directly to your smartphone or e-mail, providing an image of the chosen area.

Each alarm set is a personalized alert, for example you may set an alarm by your front door to be e-mailed with the subject “Somebody at front door”. This has developed from the earlier basic function of simply receiving an e-mail, into now providing an image – helping to optimize security.

This new unique feature demonstrates how LILIN and Control4® integration provides a convenient and efficient home surveillance solution for the user, one that can also be used on the go.

By offering our products through the Invision UK distribution channel, we now address a broader range of customers, and facilitate more rapid deployment of our solutions.


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