Custom Finish Cameras

Custom Finish Cameras

SVI Custom Cams pic 10Wave goodbye to the days of spraying cameras for those fussy architects and interior designers. LILIN are pleased to introduce their new Special Order Custom Finish service.

It is now easy to get a security camera that fits right into your client’s design needs. With finishes such as wood, marble and camouflage, as well as plain colour finishes – it’s easy to find something that will match most design requirements.

Custom finishes are available for LILIN’s fixed dome cameras, meaning that there is a selection of products to choose from. Cameras in this range include Vandal Resistant Domes, the LD222, Mini Domes and the 360° Panoramic Camera.

LILIN understand that security cameras are often required to fit into custom install designs, and that customers prefer their cameras to be discreet where possible. With this new service, LILIN will be offering this possibility to the security and custom install market with the hope that LILIN cameras will now suit individual design needs, and become discreet and non-obtrusive.

To find out more about LILIN’s Special Order Custom Finish service, please call us on 0870 120 5550.


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