4 Channel Hybrid NDR

NDR series are designed to meet the demands for full D1 real-time pure hybrid IP cameras and/or analog cameras recording systems.

NDR series adopt high compression rate H.264 full D1 real-time engine for both analog and IP camera streaming. Each channel can be configured as for IP camera or analog camera at full D1 or CIF resolution and different frame rate. Region of interest (ROI) is supported at 5X and 9X zoom capacity along.

HDMI and VGA engines are built-in 3D intellectual motion adoptive refinement with vivid image enhancement algorithm to provide best video quality. TV wall design allows NDRs to be cascaded via TCP/IP network for easy-cabling configuration. IP cameras and analog cameras can be controlled by 3D joystick keyboard(s). Master and slave NDRs design, pre- programmed IP cameras and NDR access tables can be automatically distributed to slave NDRs for quick addressing purpose. WS-Discovery protocol allows quick IP address setup for IP cameras and NDRs.

NDR series provide various backup features include USB DVD/RW, USB flash disk, HTTP download, and Backup Manager for multiple NDRs’ files download. Mobile phone device remote monitoring is also supported. Browser based remote live monitoring and video playback features are provided. NDR self-diagnostic monitoring feature monitors NDR internal temperature, cooling fan failure detection, HDD I/O speed, and network status via health check report.

NDR series provide real-time D1 recording and playback, various backup, quick camera and NDR IP addressing, multiple self-diagnostic monitoring, easy-cabling, easy-to-use, and easy- setup features. NDR series are the only choice for moving towards IP cameras recording systems.

Major Features

  • Full D1 real-time H.264 recording and playback.
  • Pure hybrid, IP camera or analog camera configurable for each channel.
  • Up to 4-channel IP cameras recording and playback.
  • HDMI compliant & VGA outputs at 1080P, built-in 3D intellectual motion adoptive refinement and vivid image enhancement engines.
  • HTTP web-based interface including NDR configuration, PTZ control, playback, and live monitoring.
  • NDRs cascaded are allowed for controlling via TCP/IP network for easy-cabling configuration by PIH-931D keyboard.
  • Master and slave NDRs design allows distributed quick accessing tables for pre- programmed IP cameras and NDRs.
  • 3G mobile phone solutions provided (iPhone, iPad, Android mobile phone).
  • Resolution, frame rate, and video quality configurable for each channel.
  • WS-Discovery for quick IP setup of IP cameras and NDRs.
  • Changeable the camera name with Chinese.
  • Power saving design.


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