Introducing the New Project Planner from LILIN

Introducing the New Project Planner from LILIN

project-plannerIf you’ve enjoyed using our Project Planner you’ll love our new developments. Our team have been busy updating our tool into something exciting that will transform the way you plan a project.


Changes include:

  • The inclusion of all new products, including IP and AHD product ranges
  • Ensuring the Project Planner works effectively with the latest web browsers
  • Allowing images to be inserted in different formats
  • Enabling ‘Projects’ to be saved by PDF

Forgotten what the Project Planner can do?

Ever wanted to be able to drag cameras onto an image of your site, move and scale cameras based on their angle view, and create a shopping list of the products you require to complete a system, in complete confidence? The LILIN Project Planner is here to help…

The Project Planner has been designed to revolutionise the way security installers plan their projects. In three easy steps users can design a complete system, from selecting a site to creating a product list, making the design and specification of a project a whole lot easier.

project-planner-steps1Here’s how it works…
Step 1:
Upload an image or search for your site using Google Maps
Step 2: Drag and drop cameras onto your chosen site and build your complete shopping list including recording solutions, network switches and accessories.
Step 3: Request a quote from LILIN or create a PDF of your project.

Once complete, the project is saved in your account, where you are free to edit or use as you wish. You not only have a project system breakdown but you can then send it on to your customers, we do the hard work so you don’t have to, it’s a simple as that.

We want users to feel completely comfortable using the Project Planner so rest assured, any information inputted will be treated with the strictest confidence and can only be accessed by you.

For more information, please contact LILIN on 0870 120 5550.


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