LILIN UK Offer Cloud Storage with TetherX Integration

LILIN UK are pleased to announce that all LILIN cameras can now be integrated within the TetherX cloud-based platform. TetherX correlates all physical security and other inputs from cameras, security alarms, access control, IoT and other network devices, to provide a contextualised single view of all events from installations anywhere in the world.

Using the on-site software to find all network-attached devices, the customer can then select which devices can trigger a security event. Video from an associated camera is presented to the customer with icons that indicate all the triggering events.

The user will see live views and events of all cameras across all sites on a single screen, for those with large wall screens, images from over 100 cameras can be displayed. For those using monitoring centres, TetherX also integrates fully with the major control room suites.

Steve Liddiard, LILIN UK CEO, comments “We are glad to be working in partnership with TetherX to provide an effective cloud-based storage and streaming solution for LILIN cameras.”

To find out more, please contact your LILIN UK sales representative or visit TetherX.