LILIN Support Session Terms and Conditions

LILIN Support Sessions Terms and Conditions.

a) LILIN UK Technical Support is available Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM. LILIN UK do not offer services outside of these hours.
b) The Customer must first raise a Technical Support Ticket at LILIN UK cannot proceed further without this.
c) The Customer must keep a record of the ticket number and be able to access both the email address and phone number they provided on the ticket.
d) LILIN UK may conduct an initial consultation via the ticketing system or a phone call to assess if we can assist before proceeding with a Support Session.

a) Support Sessions must be paid for before commencing via the provided Square payment link.
b) LILIN Support Sessions are a non-refundable service, regardless of the outcome.
c) Each purchased Support Session is for a maximum of 60 minutes. Should you require additional support once these 60 minutes have lapsed, you can purchase an additional Support Session.
d) Support Sessions cannot be rolled over; they are associated with a Support Ticket and are intended to be used in one session.

Customer Preparation
a) LILIN UK will use TeamViewer as the preferred method of remote support. LILIN can provide access to a ‘quick-connect client’ if the Customer does not already have access to this software. The Customer should ensure that this software is running prior to the commencement of the Support Session in order to prevent delays.
b) All usernames and passwords must be provided by the Customer; the Customer should have access to these prior to starting the Support Session.
c) Any delays, unless caused by LILIN, will count against the 60-minute Session time.

a) The Support Session is only for the designated time and does not constitute an ongoing support contract between LILIN UK and the Customer.
b) LILIN UK do not take any ownership of any decisions made during a Support Session.
c) All system details must be retained by the Customer. LILIN UK will not keep any record of the system’s details, including usernames, passwords, or configurations.

Faulty Product and Product Returns
a) If a product is discovered to be faulty LILIN will advise of an appropriate method for return and repair.
b) The Customer’s Support Session payment cannot be used against any Inspection or Repair Fees; these remain separate charges.

Third-Party Products
a) LILIN will endeavour to support third-party products that are part of a LILIN system.
b) LILIN cannot guarantee success or interoperability between LILIN and third-party products.