Returns Terms & Conditions

With regards to Brexit:

Following Brexit, repairs from outside of the UK should be sent back as 0 value items, noting that the item has no commerical value as it is being sent for repair and not  sale.

LILIN will not accept any tariffs or duties incurred for repairs, and will not proceed with examining any repairs until these charges are paid in full by the customer.

LILIN will not return items purchased by customers in the UK to a non-UK address. EU customers will have their items returned to business address providing that the above guidelines regarding import tariffs and duties are followed.

1. Returns

Products returned without authorisation will be held in a quarantine area. No work will be done until the appropriate form is completed and returned to LILIN. We will not contact you, after 3 months we will dispose of the goods.The RMA number provided by LILIN must be included on the external carton and be clearly visible, in addition please place a copy of the full returns form inside the packaging.

a) A separate return number is needed for each product returned. Proof of purchase / invoice must be supplied with all warranty returns.

b) Where a product is returned as faulty, LILIN’s technical ticket number will be required to aid with the repair.

c) The fault described on the product return form is the only one which will be investigated.

d) Items must be returned to LILIN at the customer’s expense. Out of warranty products will be charged an inspection fee of £35 ex VAT (at the point of obtaining a returns number). This will also cover the cost of returning the goods to you (up to 20 Kilo’s, mainland UK only). All replacement/repaired products from LILIN after repair will be shipped back to you free of charge.

e) Any warranty product where the reported fault cannot be found will be liable for a £35 ex-VAT inspection fee.

f) Any product returned as unwanted for credit must be as new & include all accessories & packaging. No labels or writing should be applied to the product box and an external carton should be used. Restocking fees of up to 50% of the invoice value will apply.

2. Repaired/Replaced Products

a) Where a product is repaired or replaced under warranty the existing warranty period remains.

b) Products repaired out of warranty are covered by an additional 3 month warranty on the repaired/replaced components only.

c) Where a quotation for repair has been provided if no authorisation has been given after 3 months the goods will be disposed of.

3. Advance Replacements

a) LlLlN offers a 28 day out of box advance replacement policy. The date starts from the date of LILIN’s invoice.

b) Proof of purchase/invoice must be supplied with all advance replacement requests. LILIN will send the advance replacement at their own cost. An invoice will be raised & sent. This will be credited upon receipt of the faulty unit (after an inspection has been made). If the faulty goods are not returned within 28 days of advanace replacement the invoice will become payable.

c) All accessories, packaging must be returned with the returned goods. An outer export carton must also be used to package the product. No label or writing should be applied to the product packaging. Any damage will result in a handling charge of up to 50% of the invoice value. If no fault is found with the returned product, a restocking fee of up to 50% will apply. In some cases the products may be returned to the customer & the invoice become payable.

4. Warranty

a) The standard warranty terms of the company are that it will modify or, at its option, replace free of charge any goods found by the company to be defective by reason of bad materials or workmanship.

This will be for a period of 36 months from the date of invoice, subject to the faulty equipment being returned, carriage paid to the company’s head office (return to base warranty).

b) The warranty does not cover fair wear and tear, the consequences of carelessness or incompetence of those handling or operating the goods or the performance of the goods other than under the conditions for which they were designed.

c) The aforesaid warranty provisions shall so far as is permitted by law, be in lieu of any other warranty condition, expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise and in no event shall the company be liable for the purchaser’s loss of profits, increased cost of working or any like consequential loss.

d) No representation or warranty is given as to the suitability or fitness of the goods for any particular purpose and the purchaser shall satisfy them self in this respect and shall be totally responsible therefore.

5. Exceptions

Hard Drives, Monitors, External Power Supplies, Switches, Injectors, Splitters, Servers, & Baluns are covered by a 12 month warranty.