New LILIN Surveillance System installed at The Academy, Selsey

Burnt-out school begins recovery after major fire.

Selsey Academy Case Study A4 I3

Pupils at a burnt out school have returned to temporary classrooms after the school suffered extensive damage with much of its contents destroyed in a blaze.

Selsey Academy Case Study A4 I4The Academy, Selsey formerly known as the Manhood Community College, has 453 pupils aged 11-16. More than  75 firefighters tackled the fire on the 21st August, started by accidental ignition. The fire was brought under control after eight hours but not before most of the secondary school had been destroyed, including the existing CCTV system.

Requiring a brand new installation, the Academy’s specifications were extremely specific. The system had to be simple to use and provide quality images over a large site where identification would be possible. As the school was successfully using a LILIN security system for a number of years before the fire, it had every confidence in continuing to use LILIN, with work being completed by Calibre Comms of East Sussex.

Calibre Comms selected LILIN 1080P HD IP iMEGAPRO network cameras which were installed in strategic locations to maximise the efficiency of the system and monitor vital areas throughout the four locations. A key element was the involvement of the staff whose knowledge proved invaluable, for example, they helped with the correct positioning of cameras and provided vital information on potential trouble spots.

Selsey Academy Case Study A4 I2Also selected was a LILIN 36 channel Navigator server which was installed to provide a recording and monitoring solution. This enabled staff to view local images from the cameras located within that area of the Academy.

Security is a high priority for The Academy, Selsey.  The school may be using surveillance as a positive measure to help prevent vandalism but the true importance lies with the safety of the students and staff whilst they are on the school’s premises. The management team at The Academy, Selsey are able to monitor any location and easily share incidents captured on video. This provides peace of mind for students, parents and staff alike. Most importantly, the academy now benefits from HD quality images.

LILIN’s IP surveillance system allows full integration, giving The Academy, Selsey the opportunity to develop the system in line with the ongoing growth of the school. The new IP system provides the perfect solution – protecting the property and students, providing access to the benefits of advanced network video technology with the ability to add to the system at a later date.

Selsey Academy Case Study A4 I1Calibre Comms, the installer on this project, has been in the industry for over 10 years helping businesses get the full potential from both their CCTV and telecoms systems. An independent company based in the South East of England with access to the latest technologies, they provide bespoke, cost effective solutions. They pride themselves on ensuring new systems are flexible enough to grow and adapt with businesses, imperative to the requirements of The Academy, Selsey.

Mick Watts, Managing Director said, “As an existing supplier, we were very sorry to hear about the devastating fire at The Academy, but delighted that we were able to respond to the School’s tight deadlines to get the site secure and ready for the new academic year.  The supply and installation of LILIN IP CCTV went to plan and provides a network of cameras so the Academy can be monitored out of school hours, and even remotely away from the school site.”

The case study can be downloaded here.