Brighton Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College

BHSHIBrighton Hove & Sussex Sixth Form College (BHASVIC) is an innovative and bustling sixth form located in the hub of Brighton and Hove.

With approximately 2,800 students on the sprawling site, local firm Cavendish Communications were asked to source an upgrade to the existing analogue system in order to maintain the security of the campus.

Transitioning to IP
Cavendish Communications have 20 years’ experience in the telephony market and a strong reputation for their superior customer service and support, which was imperative to BHASVIC’s requirements when choosing an installer. Cavendish were asked to design a replacement for the failing analogue system – where a key flaw had been the lack of customer support – and upgrade to an IP video solution. The new IP system would need to provide HD images and coverage of the campus.

John Deakin of Cavendish Communications, the Project Manager for this site, chose a LILIN solution as he wanted to provide a secure, reliable system for the sixth form. Being one of the leading companies within the IP video market and with 37+ years CCTV experience, LILIN were able to specify a system to fit all requirements, recognising that BHASVIC would need an accessible, reliable arrangement that could be operated by staff without obstructing their daily routines or productivity.

LILIN has had a consistently innovative approach to ensuring integration throughout their product range;
and therefore ‘future proofed’ this system. LILIN’s focus on consistency of protocols means that a
system installed today will be fully compatible with products released in the future. As the sixth form
are keen to expand the system; this was a key consideration.

The initial install was completed in November 2017 and consisted of 18 IP cameras, both external
and internal, on an expandable 36 channel Navigator server. The cameras chosen were all
unobtrusive options from both the popular LILIN 1080P ‘L’ series and the newer ‘M’ series 4MP
range; both offering clear, high quality images.

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Control and Special features

The decision to implement a LILIN solution was heavily influenced by the advanced analytics features available through the cameras. The installation included the use of privacy masking zones in areas where sensitive information could be displayed; and the ability to utilise the smart features (IVS) on the external cameras to flag motion events for easy viewing.

It was paramount that both the Head of Facilities and the Security team were to be able to easily remotely view the system; this was implemented through the installation of the LILIN Viewer App on their tablets for access to the live feeds and playback. LILIN’s Client software was set up on PCs for additional, select members of staff; with the Head of Facilities able to establish a hierarchy of access to the system dependent on role. Client was also installed on the caretaker’s home computer for round the clock surveillance.

Cameras have been installed outside for general surveillance and monitoring of key areas such as the main entrance, bike sheds and other busy areas within the four campus buildings. The internal cameras have been placed within the sports building, café and reception areas, as well as for general surveillance.

BHASVIC wanted to ensure longevity of the system, and allow for future upgrades, as such their Navigator server is fully expandable. The products specified allow for a fully serviceable system; able to protect the property and providing access to the potential benefits of advanced network video technology.

John Deakin, Project Manager at Cavendish Communications concluded that “After careful consideration of the systems available in this competitive market we chose to work with a LILIN CCTV system because they offered excellent technical performance and functionality at a sensible cost. More so the technical team are knowledgeable and importantly prompt in response and where required LILIN offer free on-site demonstrations.”

BHASVIC have said: “We were in need of an upgrade to a failing analogue CCTV system. Cavendish were chosen as
they are a local company that responded quickly to our requirements and came highly recommended. The
demonstration of the cameras proved beyond our expectations with images were extremely sharp and clear.
Cavendish installed and commissioned the system in a timely and sympathetic manner in accordance with the
demanding workings of the college.”

BHASVIC have already identified further areas on the site for potential expansion in the future.






For further information, please contact LILIN on 0870 120 5550 or visit