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New Extra Vegetables Driver for Full Operation of the NVR Touch using the Control4 Remote

Control4In January, the integration of LILIN IP products with Control4 systems was launched. LILIN now announces that users of Control4 systems have full integration of the NVR Touch using the Control4® remote.

The release of the free, Extra Vegetables driver means users can now fully control the NVR Touch from the same platform that controls other appliances in their home or business, all with their Control4remote. Control4ʼs SDDP automatically identifies and loads the correct driver for the NVR Touch, making installation virtually instantaneous. After highlighting and double-clicking the room in which the platform is installed, the driver instantly configures itself into the system. After making any optional settings, the HDMI output simply connects in Composer.

The groundbreaking NVR Touch allows users to benefit from a standalone Network Video Recording solution, meaning Control4 users can view 16 channels of HD (1080P) IP video simultaneously at 25FPS via HDMI. This means users can take advantage of the fantastic real time images of LILIN cameras from the screens around the home, including various moving matrix controls.

With the use of the LILIN UI, users can also manage the numerous features of the NVR, including providing control of live images and accessing all of the NVR menus and playback. A simple date and time search menu allows users to browse through the recordings on the NVR, which can then be exported to DVD or USB if required.

If cameras connected to the NVR have PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) capabilities, then users can control these from the driver. By simply selecting the camera full screen, then using the UI, images can be adjusted using the navigation keys. Users can also recall any of the camera presets at the simple press of a button.

Control4 and Extra Vegetables will both be showcasing the new driver at the 2013 CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colorado, September 25th – 28th. Control4, along with LILIN, can be found at Stand #608, with Extra Vegetables at Stand #644. The free driver is available now to download by visiting or by using the SDDP to install the driver.

For further information visit, or contact Sara-Jane King

Having built up a diverse fleet of specialised vehicles and a highly trained and experienced workforce, R.J. Roe & Sons provide environmental cleaning and waste management services to a multinational customer base of water authorities, port and local Authorities and utility and civil engineering companies; amongst others.

The Project

When R.J. Roe & Sons updated their CCTV system the specifications included extreme reliability, easy to operate, network based, centralised control and expandable to meet future needs. LILIN IP Video products were the ideal solution.

Project Skills Solutions, an approved installer of LILIN, were assigned the task of installing the new IP CCTV system for improved management of the site. The existing system was out of date and did not have the capabilities to handle the increased demands of the site, which had grown dramatically since 2011. R.J. Roe & Sons wanted to lease the system as it gave them the ability to upgrade, if required, cost effectively at a later date.

LILIN, with over 32 years of CCTV experience, were recommended to R.J. Roe & Sons through Project Skills Solutions to deliver the required network based security system.

The Solution

The LILIN solution was designed around R.J. Roe & Sons need to strengthen security, monitor equipment and as much as possible secure its various access points. Project Skills Solutions and LILIN recognised these demands required an effective surveillance solution with the installation having a minimal impact on daily activities at the site.

Project Skills Solutions selected LILIN’s 1080P IP iMEGAPRO network cameras for the installation. The LR7424X series were chosen for the high quality video images which were an important factor to R.J. Roe & Sons, who also wanted to view their CCTV images
on smart devices.

The cameras were programmed by Project Skills Solutions before being taken to site to save time. Once on site they were then installed and focused.

Control of the system

Due to the layout of the site it was cost effective to link some cameras wirelessly, A new Airmax bridge 5.1 GHz 802.11a/n outdoor CPE 16dBi Antenna was installed to transmit the two new rear of site cameras across external buildings. Also installed was a new 16 port 10/100 260 watt PoE switch which powers the cameras.

LILIN network cameras R. J. Roe & Sons are able to expand coverage further than the original system could provide. The installation went well and was completed without disruption.

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Download the PDF Case Study Project Skills Solution